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Looking to Host a Retreat? Our Hosting Services Have Got You Covered!

Are you considering hosting a retreat? This is an exciting time, but it can also be one of the most challenging steps for teachers and group leaders. We understand how much planning, nurturing, and hard work goes into hosting a retreat, whether it’s your first time or you’re a serious super-retreat host. That’s why we’re here to help!

Our hosting offering has been refined to ensure that your retreat runs smoothly. Our fantastic team is the pillar to the success, providing discreet and attentive, friendly and caring presence to make you and your guests feel more than welcome.

Our retreat homes are carefully selected to ensure our guests’ comfort, with spacious and inclusive living areas, beautiful outdoor spaces, and dedicated wellness and yoga spaces. We also offer serene, dedicated treatment areas where our therapists and wellness practitioners enhance your guests’ stay with pampering or workshops.

Our retreat homes are perfect for groups seeking an authentic, comfortable, and convenient “home” for their stay, where they can truly relax and make the most of the program while re-energising.

Our bed linen is 100% linen (flax) or organic cotton, cool to sleep in during the heat of the summer and warm during cooler days. Did you know that linen is naturally antibacterial, said to have healing properties, and used in many high-class spas as a therapeutic wrap. Our linen comes from sustainable sources. Its all in the little details.

Our bathrooms have complimentary pure natural skincare products available for your guests to use.

Our food is grown on Ibiza’s fertile and nutritional land, respecting what the land has to offer, avoiding dishes that require complex cooking processes that destroy the nutritional value, exotic ingredients that are not widely available, or processed foods.

We keep menus seasonal to ensure maximum nutrition. Our in-house team will prepare meals around your retreat and guests’ needs, serving and cleaning up, leaving you luxurious time to lounge, relax and make the most of the long mealtimes in great company.

During your stay, we’ll be present to help you with daily organising, providing an extra pairs of hands, so you get to enjoy the retreat and experience. Having been hosted on many retreats ourselves, we know the right balance of service and care for the success of a retreat.

Our pricing is fully transparent from the beginning, so you can budget and plan accordingly.

We can also help you market your retreat through our newsletters and website if you wish. We offer a booking service (extra fee) that takes care of your clients’ invoicing, collecting payments, arranging pre-arrival wellness consultations, airport transfers, and any additional activities available in Ibiza.

Contact us to learn more and design your own bespoke retreat, corporate break or unforgettable holiday stay!

We’re here to ensure your success.

We still have availability during May and June 2023 weeks and are now taking bookings for 2024.

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